The following are quick links to information for current Rocking Horse Farm homeowners.

Design Guide

Any changes after the final construction of your home must be submitted for approval by emailing them to designreview@rockinghorsefarm.com.

This includes landscape plans and changes to colors, windows and window trim, garage doors, etc. Please refer to the Rocking Horse Farm Housing Design Guide for more details.

HOA (Homeowner Association)

Rocking Horse Farm’s Homeowner Association (HOA) provides ongoing maintenance for four interpretive pocket parks, three trail access lots, and two entrance signage lots. All homeowners will pay a monthly fee for this maintenance. For more information about the fee, please contact us at 701-356-0219. To learn more about each pocket park theme, click the button below.

Restrictive Covenants

Rocking Horse Farm Restrictive Covenants regulate the use, appearance, and maintenance of the development which is enforced by the homeowners association. Simply put, the covenants restrict what homeowners are allowed to do on their property. They were purposely crafted to avoid applying excessive rules for how homes are built, but there are a few key aspects that are relevant to homeowners during and after construction.


Rocking Horse Farm was required by the city to install cluster mailboxes, but in the meantime has installed temporary mailboxes for all residents. However, recently there has been a movement by the National Association of Homebuilders to do away with cluster mailboxes. We do not have a timeline as to when this topic will be resolved, but we will update the community when a final decision is made. Until then, you are free to replace the temporary mailbox with one that better fits your home.

The Cottages HOA

The 5th Addition Cottages Homeowners Association (HOA) was created to offer each homeowner the convenience of having their lawn maintained and snow removed by their own HOA. All homeowners within The Cottages will pay a monthly fee for this maintenance. For more information, please contact us at 701-356-0219.

New Resident

If you are a new resident in Rocking Horse Farm, welcome! As a welcoming gesture we have a gift that we deliver to all of our new homeowners. Please send your email and/or phone number to shaniah@rockinghorsefarm.com so we can set up a time to give you your gift. If you have any questions about Rocking Horse Farm, please don't hesitate to call or send a message.

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The brand and model of fence that is approved for use in Rocking Horse Farm 2nd & 3rd Addition is the Alumi-Guard 60” Ascot 3-Channel fence in black. The 60” height meets standards for swimming pools, and offers a “puppy picket” option with narrow picket spacing for small dogs. This fence offers solid construction and excellent maintainability. To date we’ve identified two local contractors who supply and install the Alumi-Guard fence product. However, there may be others.

Once you have a site plan please submit to support@rockinghorsefarm.com for review and approval. Or you can have your fence contractor do so.

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