The Siversons chose Rocking Horse Farm because they were looking for a golf course lot. "With this neighborhood, there happened to be a golf course and a pond," explained Heather Siverson. "We loved how the community was going to be set up, having some of the wild grass and more natural features. For us, it was appealing and the design aspect just made it look different than every other neighborhood," Said Chris Siverson.

- Chris and Heather Siverson


Trailblazers Dan and Nicole Should were the first to build in Rocking Horse Farm. As Nicole explained, they loved the old small town, big city feel and also liked that it was a quiet community with a similar look, but without cookie-cutter homes. Both the homeowner and builder were very happy with the results. In fact, their builder T&S optioned more lots after the project based on the positive reaction.

- Dan and Nicole Shulz




"I like the traditional, small community feel, with the walking paths and planned green spaces," he explained. "I also appreciate that people can build creative, original homes, but there is a committee involved to ensure that no designs are off the mark. My last neighborhood had sort of a mix of everything, which I didn't really love. I like a little more cohesion, but still some interesting and unique houses that I think fit together a little nicer."

- Brad Clemenson


"It was a different process, but I don't think we felt pressure like you do this or you don't get to build. It was, 'What if you do this or that?'" said Halle. "We took most of their suggestions, and there were some we didn't take, but I thought the process was very painless. That's one of the reasons why I'm building a second house here and I've got an option on a third lot because I like the theme that they are trying to incorporate here where there's some design control and everything's just a little bit different. As a builder, I like that.

- Todd Halle, T&S Custom Homes