About Our Handcrafted Community

Rocking Horse Farm is the culmination of several years of research and intensive planning, all driven by one resolute vision: To create a community in Fargo that's unique by its home designs, generous green space and overall defined style. Every detail has been carefully refined - from the effort to ensure no two homes will look alike to infrastructure considerations that eliminate through streets. The result is a development that maximizes quality of life and property values. There's no doubt you'll be proud to call Rocking Horse Farm your home.

We loved how the community was going to be set up, having some of the wild grass and more natural features. For us, it was appealing and the design aspect just made it look different than every other neighborhood.
— Chris Siverson, Homeowner

Complimentary Design

Strong design means so much to us at Rocking Horse Farm that with each residential lot sold we provide complimentary design guidance from a local residential architectural firm. You're investing so much into your dream home. This is our way to ensure you don't just get a place to live, but instead a signature, one-of-a-kind home that better represents your personal style.


Osgood Golf Course

Premium lots with pond and golf course views.

Interpretive Pocket Parks

Four interpretive "pocket parks" designed to showcase indigenous North Dakota flora.

Childcare Center

Bright Futures Early Learning Center located in southwest corner of Rocking Horse Farm.

Nearby West Fargo Schools

Close to Osgood Elementary, Independence Elementary, Liberty Middle School, and more.

Rocking Horse Park

Park with playground equipment, exercise trail, and pond to be placed by fall of 2018.

Recreational Trails

Recreational trails with scenic views of pond and wild grasses.

Lot Availability

To learn more about lot pricing and availability, choose which residential area best fits your needs.

Cottage Lots

Smaller Single Family Lots

2nd & 3rd Addition

Larger Single Family Lots