What kind of fences are allowed?

Classic fencing styles from historic Midwest communities include black wrought iron. Drawing from the past, a single approved fence style will support classic design and visual integrity in the Rocking Horse Farm Community. 

The brand and model of fence that is approved for use in Rocking Horse Farm 2nd & 3rd Addition is the Alumi-Guard 60” Ascot 3-Channel fence in black. The 60” height meets standards for swimming pools, and offers a “puppy picket” option with narrow picket spacing for small dogs. This fence offers solid construction and excellent maintainability. To date we’ve identified two local contractors who supply and install the Alumi-Guard fence product. However, there may be others:


Dakota Fence
Contact: Dave Currier

Liberty Fence & Deck
Contact: Jeff Peters

Once you have a site plan please submit to support@rockinghorsefarm.com for review and approval. Or you can have your fence contractor do so.

Will the design review process prevent me from building the house I want? What kind of suggestions can I expect?

No - it will accentuate it. Bear in mind the review process considers the facade of the home, not the layout. And any suggestions made will be based on the inspiration photos you submit. 

For the most part, great home design comes down to proportion and materials. What you can typically expect from the process are a few suggestions that will help align your home with common architectural design principles. This may mean repositioning or suggesting different window styles, adding or reducing rock, offering modified trim colors, etc.

Regardless of what is presented, options will be offered within your original price point, but will help you achieve a signature design unlike any other in the development. For those who have built at Rocking Horse Farm thus far, many have expressed appreciation for the complementary design services because they achieved something better than they originally imagined.

Does my home have to be "agrarian" themed?

Simply put, no. Only the office buildings within the Farmstead Office Park require an ag-themed design.