Interpretive Pocket Parks

All four interpretive Pocket Parks are not only extensively landscaped, but also designed to be educational. Each of the Pocket Parks (marked A-D on the image below) has its own theme, representing different indigenous North Dakota flora and planted in distinguishing rows. There will be informational plaques next to the sidewalk identifying the plants. The Rocking Horse Farm Home Owners Association (HOA) will provide ongoing maintenance.


In addition to HOA maintenance, the parks are equipped with underground irrigation systems to keep them lush and green.

At an appropriate time during the season, Rocking Horse Farm residents will be encouraged to harvest, in particular, the apples and berries for their own use.




A. Field Crop

- Wheats and Oats
- Soybeans
- Corn
- Sugar Beets


C. Berry Patch

- Chokeberries
- Plums
- Raspberries
- Strawberries


B. Apple Orchard

- Frostbite Apples
- Harralson Apples
- Norland Apples


D. Native Tree

- Amur Flame Maples
- Bur Oaks
- Common Hackberries
- Quaking Aspens
- Sienna Glen Maples