Take a look at some of today’s leading businesses. Google. Cisco. Apple. In addition to offering some of the most stimulating products and services, their work environments are stimulating as well. Why? Because these days people don’t just work for a paycheck…they want an experience, while achieving the perfect work/life balance. And that’s exactly what the Farmstead Office Park at Rocking Horse Farm delivers. With uniquely designed office buildings, serene surroundings, nearby recreational amenities, and the opportunity to basically live next door.


  • Adjacent to Osgood Golf Course

  • Wildlife Pond and Park Areas

  • Recreational Trails

  • Brewtus’ Clubhouse 

For the Family

  • Bright Futures Early Learning Center

  • Interpretive Pocket Parks

  • Rocking Horse Park
    - Playground Equipment for Ages 2-5 and 5-12
    - Measured Exercise Trail

Check out just how close these amenities are by viewing Rocking Horse Farm's plat map.

Don’t Just Do What You Love. Love Where You Do It.
— Jon Thorp, The Promersberger Company


Rocking Horse Farm allows companies to operate in a rural setting, while keeping a close proximity to several amenities and local support businesses.


  1. Freedom Elementary

  2. Liberty Middle

  3. Cheyenne High

  4. Independence Elementary

  5. Osgood Elementary

  6. West Fargo Elementary (2019)


  1. Costco

  2. Hornbacher's

  3. Cash Wise Foods

  4. Walmart


  1. Sanford Medical Center

  2. Essentia Clinic

  3. Microsoft

  4. Bright Futures Early Learning Center


  1. Rocking Horse Park

  2. Family Wellness Center

  3. Sanford Power Center

  4. Schools Arena

  5. Osgood Golf Course