Cottage Lots (Fall 2018)

Smaller Single Family

How to Choose a Lot

The map below represents current lot availability. Select a lot to see the view, address, price, square footage, and more.



  • Yellow: Available Lot through Builder
  • Green: Lot for Sale
  • Red: Sold
  • Purple: Available Home

Who to Contact

Green lots are for sale and not currently associated with a builder. If you choose one of these lots, contact Park Co. Realtors Jenny Schuster or Diane Nordhougen for purchasing information.


The following documents apply to the Rocking Horse Farm 5th Addition Cottage lots.

Note: Since the official restrictive covenants and HOA documents have not yet been finalized, the intent of the fact sheet is to share the essential features/restrictions of the Cottages at Rocking Horse Farm. Some will be reflected in the restrictive covenants and others will be part of the Housing Design Guide. Once the covenants are finalized and registered, be sure to read them and the amended Housing Design Guide before making a final purchase decision on a building lot. All information is subject to change without notice.