Cottage Lots

Smaller Single Family

How to Choose a Lot

The map below represents current lot availability. Select a lot to see the view, address, price, square footage, and more.


Who to Contact

Green lots are for sale and not currently associated with a builder. If you choose one of these lots, contact Park Co. Realtors Jenny Schuster or Diane Nordhougen for purchasing information.


The Cottage lots are zoned SR-3. Therefore, the setbacks are:

Front: 20’
Rear: 15’
Side yard:
Street Side (corner lots) 12.5’
Interior Side  5’ or 10%

This means if a lot is 50’ in with or wider the setback is 5’. If the lot is less than 50’ in width the setback is 10% of the lot width. For example, if the lot is 55’ wide the setback would be 5’; if the lot is 45’ wide the setback would 4.5’.


The following documents apply to the Rocking Horse Farm 5th Addition Cottage lots.