Larger Single Family Lots

Rocking Horse Farm 2nd & 3rd Addition

136 single-family lots, including nine golf course-view lots, ten pond/golf course-view lots, 23 green-space lots and 23 cul-de-sac lots.

Lot Pricing
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Complimentary Design

Learn more about achieving a signature home design to best match your style. 


Homeowners Association (HOA)

The HOA maintains four learning-oriented pocket parks, as well as two trail access lots.


Lower Specials

In aggregate, the underground utilities and street bids for Rocking Horse Farm 2nd and 3rd Addition were 22.5% under the City of Fargo estimate that was based on averaging actual spring 2014 bid lettings. This should have a very positive impact on minimizing special assessments.

Flood Plain FREE

Rocking Horse Farm is not within the current FEMA 100-year flood plain as of 1-16-15. 

No Through Streets

Streets designed to keep low traffic through this lower-density development.

I appreciate that people can build creative, original homes, but there is a committee involved to ensure that no designs are off the mark. My last neighborhood had sort of a mix of everything, which I didn’t really love.
— Brad Clemenson, Homeowner


We've got everything you need within walking distance including recreation trails, pond views, childcare center, a golf course, park and more.

Golf Course/Pond Lots

Golf Course/Pond Lots

Interpretive Pocket Parks

Interpretive Pocket Parks

Childcare Center

Childcare Center

Rocking Horse Park

Rocking Horse Park