Interpretive Pocket Park:
Apple Orchard


Frostbite apple

Frostbite apples are valued for the one of a kind sweetness that your first bite into a ripened pome will experience. It is a late maturing variety that in addition to being sought for eating out of hand, is also cherished for making sugar cane sweet apple cider. The maroon striping over the golden background gives it high visual appeal. It is a “grandparent” to Honeycrisp.


Norland Apple

Norland apple is one of the earliest to ripen, and most cold hardy eating apple available. Ideal for cooking/baking purposes. Keeps up to 16 weeks in cold storage if fruit is picked before full maturity. A high-bearing, semi-dwarf tree ideal for residential yards.


Haralson Apple

Haralson Apple is another product of the University of Minnesota breeding program. The fruit is freshly crisp, with just a touch of tartness. Perhaps the best apple for baking purposes, and hold good flavor in winter storage. A readily available variety in North Dakota garden centers.


Honeycrisp Apple

This Minnesota classic is noted for the creamy white flesh that floods the taste buds with a balanced sweet/acid flavor that has a satisfying aftertaste. Honeycrisp proved to be so popular with commercial and backyard growers, that it became the official state apple in 2006.


Sweet Sixteen Apple

Sweet Sixteen apple is, as the name implies, a very sweet, cherry candy flavor treat to eat out of hand when it ripens toward the end of September. The bold red skin reveals an amazingly exotic yellow flesh that is mildly aromatic with the first bite. Stores up to 8 weeks at mature harvest.