Home Elevations with Public View:

Because the point of the Rocking Horse Farm design review process is to ensure that the exterior facades of the homes in our development create attractive streetscapes, we want to emphasize that significant consideration is being given during review to all elevations of homes fronting on public right-of-way or Home Owner Association (HOA)-owned property (we’ll refer to these as “360-degree” lots).

Accordingly, home plans for 360-degree lots submitted for complimentary illustrations and final plan review must address the design of all publicly-visible elevations. Section 4.5b of the Rocking Horse Farm 2nd & 3rd Addition Restrictive Covenants addresses this consideration in part by requiring garages on corner lots to be located adjacent to interior lot lines so that the living quarters of homes face the public spaces.

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360-degree Lots

Design review submittals for homes on 360-degree lots are expected to consider design on all elevations just as the “front” or street elevation needs to be considered as a part of the review process. Such considerations include, but are not limited to:

• Consistent design elements (window trim and treatments, siding materials, etc.).

• Use of landscape buffers and building massing to create privacy.

• Decks, patios and privacy screen walls consistent with home through materials and design (privacy fences are not permitted in Rocking Horse Farm – screen walls must use same materials as found on home siding. These could include rock or brick façade material.).

• Architectural features (distinct roof forms, pergolas, shed roof canopies, siding/material changes to break up the façade, house numbers, additional exterior lighting, railings, window patterns and composition, custom retaining walls, colonnades, etc.).

• Location of air conditioning units, furnace vents and intakes, and utility meters away from publicly-visible areas or appropriate screening of such items.

We recognize that some homeowners purchasing lots identified in section 4.5b might prefer their living quarters to be located away from the side street for privacy reasons. Variances for home siting requirements on lots identified in section 4.5b will be considered if the home plans are submitted for review with thorough design attention applied to all publicly visible elevations.