Food Quest Filmed in Rocking Horse Farm's Kitchen!


Producers from Food Quest stopped by Tuesday, July 31st to highlight the North Dakota Soybean Industry. Our farm fresh kitchen in the Red Barn gave them just the look they wanted to achieve for the episode. The television crew filmed with the North Dakota Soybean Council, whose office is located in the Farmstead Office Park's Machine Shed at Rocking Horse Farm.

The segment will be all about soybeans and the best foods you can make using them. Some of the foods they created with soybeans were a salad, pudding dessert and cookies! Members say that this episode will help show soy isn't just for animal feed, it's also a human superfood.

The soybean episode of Food Quest will premiere October 11th and 12th on A&E. Click the button below to watch the WDAY video of their interview with Food Quest.