Office Space for Lease

There is currently office space available for lease within the Farmstead Office Park at Rocking Horse Farm. The available space resides in the second floor of the Red Barn, consisting of 730 sq. ft., and a larger main level space in the Granary, consisting of 1,534 sq. ft. Here are the details:



SPACE AVAILABLE: 1,534 sq. ft. (SUITE 3)
MAIN FLOOR RENT: $16.50 per SF (1,065 SF)
MEZZANINE RENT: $12.50 per SF (469 SF)

Consisting of one main level, a mezzanine and a shared common entry space, this farm-styled office building has been designed to accommodate multiple businesses. Currently Suites 1 and 2 have been reserved by North Dakota Trade Office and Northarvest Bean Growers. The available office space is currently unfinished as it is to be fit up for the next tenant.


Red Barn

SPACE AVAILABLE: 730 sq. ft.
$17.85 per SF ($1,085.88/Month)

This current available office space resides on the second floor of the Red Barn with a shared common entry space. Some furnishings included if desired. Currently the other tenants within the building include The Promersberger Company, Industrial Contract Services, Anderson Consulting and Precision Partners.