Pond Completion Results in New 'Mountain' Feature

A lot of planning has gone into Rocking Horse Farm. Everything was agonizingly researched and refined, from the streets and homes to the green space and amenities. Nowhere in all that, however, was talk of a ski slope – surprise!

 In a unique case of serendipity and dirt engineering, the completed excavation of the main pond, which is an expansion of an Osgood Golf Course pond, has resulted in a large mound of Red River Valley clay. Although rather featureless at the moment, the best-guess estimate of 3,000 vertical feet should yield plenty of runs, from intermediate to double black diamond … and even a bunny hill! 

 It’s curious that a simple pond has culminated in the highest geographical location in eastern North Dakota! All kidding aside, eventually the clay will be used as fill in the anticipated Rocking Horse Farm commercial area. The balance will be sold to others in need of additional fill.