Key Home Design and Construction
Related Requirements

Before working through a home design or purchasing your lot, it’s your responsibility to carefully review and understand the Rocking Horse Farm 5th Addition (The Cottages) Restrictive Covenants. The covenants were purposely crafted to avoid applying excessive rules for how you build your home, but there are a few key aspects that are relevant to design and construction.


› Materials:

We encourage the use of natural materials on the exterior of your home. Specifically, vinyl siding is not permitted in Rocking Horse Farm 2nd & 3rd Addition, with the exception of vinyl shakes. Vinyl shakes must meet a thickness requirement of 0.080” or higher and be of double row or greater construction. Acceptable brands and models are: Veriform “Allied”; Certainteed “Cedar Impressions”; and Mastic “Cedar Discovery”. No other form of vinyl siding will be accepted for construction

› Landscape Design Review:

It’s important to note that all the covenants are relevant to landscapes, just as they are to the home itself. In particular, Article 4 Restrictions on Use of Property and Article 5 Architectural Control have a great deal to do with landscapes. 

Whether you are still constructing the home or occupancy has already occurred, any improvements or changes to landscapes or structures must be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee. Landscape plans can be submitted along with the house plans through our design review application. If you are submitting landscape plans after the house plans have been reviewed, you can email them to

› Boulevard Trees: 

Homeowners in Rocking Horse Farm 2nd & 3rd Addition shall coordinate the planting of boulevard trees on their lots with the City of Fargo Forestry Department as soon as practical, but no later than twelve months after receipt of a certificate of occupancy. It is the responsibility of homeowners to water, trim, maintain and replace such boulevard trees.
The following trees are approved for boulevard planting in Rocking Horse Farm:

Alder - Prairie Horizon
Buckeye - Autumn Splendor, Ohio, Prairie Torch
Coffeetree - Kentucky
Elm - Accolade, Cathedral, Princeton American,
Hackberry - Common
Honey-locust - Northern Acclaim
Linden - American, American Sentry, Boulevard, Frontyard,
Corktree - His Majesty
Maple - Deborah, Emerald Lustre, Green Mountain Sugar*,
Oak - Bur, Prairie Stature
* Denotes trees that occasionally suffer from Iron Chlorosis and should be planted sparingly.

Approved boulevard trees for Prairie Pond Crossing (Lots 8-12, Block 3; and Lots 22-26, Block 4) are limited to the following:

  • Accolade Elm

  • Northern Acclaim Honey-locust

  • Common Hackberry