Why Design Matters: 

Your home is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. With so much invested, we want to ensure the long-term value of your home in Rocking Horse Farm is worthy of the memories you’ll build here with your family.


Home Design in This Unique Community 

We’ve spent a lot of time on the public spaces – the roads, sidewalks, trails and parks – to not only provide the ideal location for your dream home, but to also enhance the long-term value. Each and every home will help provide form, quality and character for the entire Rocking Horse Farm development. And our housing design guidelines ensure a higher caliber of home throughout.

Survey completed by Rocking Horse Farm Homeowners May 2018

Design Services Provided for Every Home

With the help of a well-respected area residential architect, we’ve worked to best understand the elements that lead to superior home designs. Taking cues from classic traditional home styles, like arts and crafts, Tudor, colonial, etc., we have developed sensible design guidelines to ensure you get the most curb appeal for your home. What’s more, we’re providing complimentary design services from Chris Hawley Architects for every home built in the development.

Home Owners Association


We have established a homeowners association (HOA) to ensure long-term support of the community’s design standards and covenants, and to oversee maintenance of the HOA lots and entrance signage throughout Rocking Horse Farm. Administration of the HOA will be turned over to residents following the completion of the overall development. 

Each homeowner within the cottage lots will pay a monthly Home Owners Association (HOA) fee for a private firm to mow their lawn and remove snow from their sidewalk and driveway. This fee includes the cost for maintenance of Rocking Horse Farm’s learning-oriented pocket parks, landscaped signage lots and trail access lots.

Rocking Horse Farm has a great design and country feel to it while also maintaining high standards. The differentiated homes, variety of lots and secluded nature of some of the areas in the neighborhood really make it stand out.
— Aaron Redenius, Rocking Horse Farm Homeowner