Design and Review Process

We’ve developed the exterior design and review process to be as quick and enjoyable as possible.

Step 1

Start With a Home Plan


Once you’ve selected your lot and builder, you’ll work with him/her to select a floor plan. It may be a model that your builder offers or a custom design.

At this point in the process … or before…you are highly encouraged to review the Rocking Horse Farm Restrictive Covenants and Housing Design Guide.  Fully understanding these documents will make the process much more comfortable and efficient.

Then, as soon as you have an idea of what you’d like the exterior of your home to look like, your builder will get in touch with us. He/she will submit through our design review application process, your floor plan and “inspiration” images that show us ideas on how you would like the exterior of your home to look. These images may be photos from magazines, online sites and/or snapshots you’ve taken … and must accompany your initial submittal.  In addition, you will need to give us your preference for exterior design elements such as roof pitch, colors, materials and brands.  

Step 2


Translating Your Vision

(5 working days)

Once your plans and inspiration images are submitted, our design partner will review your ideas. Within five working days, they’ll get back to you with a complimentary exterior illustration that translates your ideas, floor plan, and builder’s input into an exterior design. It’ll be presented similar to the illustration above. 

After 2 days of submission, the architect will respond with a short list of design elements noticed at first glance to give you an idea of what will be incorporated into the illustration (within these 5 days). During this step you will be able to begin digging for the foundation and close on the lot as to not slow down the building process.

It should be noted that for the most part, visually strong design is based on proper proportion and use of materials. These basic design elements will be incorporated into your complimentary exterior design illustration accompanied by a bullet-point narrative and notes. If you’re working with an architect or designer, this complimentary illustration might not be necessary. However, it’s important that we all come out of this step with a full and mutual understanding of everyone’s goals and direction.

Step 3


Design Review

(1 working day)

Once you and your builder consider our design  recommendations, and incorporate them into a final set of plans, your builder will submit these plans to the Rocking Horse Farm architectural review committee for final design review and approval.

Since we would have already worked with you in step 2, our goal is that this step is a formality. We’ll review your final set of plans and get back to you within one working day with, hopefully, an approval with no changes or if necessary, provide comments and suggested changes for your home’s exterior.

Please Note

Any changes after this point must be resubmitted for approval by emailing them to This includes landscape plans and changes to colors, windows and window trim, garage doors, etc.